The Fathead Family of Companies



Cellerant Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing therapies for unmet medical needs in the treatments of blood cancers and blood-related disorders. Cellerant’s lead product, CLT-008 is currently in two Phase 1 clinical trials with patients with hematological malignancies. CLT-008 is also being developed as a medical nuclear countermeasure with funding received from the Department of Health and Human Services. The company is also researching cancer stem cells to discover and develop potential curative therapies for acute myeloid leukemia, multiple myeloma and myelodysplastic syndrome.

Business Services

ABUV Media

ABUV Media builds and grows outstanding, content-rich websites that inform and engage readers. We partner with dozens of subject-matter experts, writers, editors, data scientists and other top-notch content creators to provide web content that addresses a unique consumer need identified through careful analysis of search patterns, survey results, and other data. We leverage publicly available data from highly reputable sources, we create compelling analyses for our website visitors and transform massive data sets into content that yields valuable insight. ABUV Media spends countless hours investigating what people are looking for and why, as well as how the company can help.

Amber Engine

Amber Engine is a change agent Software as a Service (SaaS) offering for the $275B home furnishings and decor B2B industry. Its unique platform leverages our deep knowledge of the industry and offers a robust product description and image solution in one simple, centralized location. Amber Engine is committed to leveling the playing field for all design parties to interact seamlessly within our cloud.

Are You A Human

Are You A Human is a Detroit-based Internet technology startup that transforms online annoyances, like captcha and video ads, into delightful branded experiences. The company has developed PlayThru, which are short, simple, and fun interactions. These quick interactions replace traditional advertising products and drive higher brand recognition, positive brand affinity and eliminate wasted spend. PlayThru ensures that advertisers only pay to reach real humans in an enjoyable way.

Big River

Big River helps nonprofit organizations raise more money by engaging donors through personally relevant appeals, promotions, data mining and social marketing. The cloud-based solution is easy to use, affordable and integrates with existing donor management products. The Cleveland Museum of Art has increased membership two-fold using the product.


BodyPartChart is the revolutionary alternative to the average anatomical poster or sign. Powered by Fathead®, the leader in high-def peel and stick graphics, BodyPartChart offers anatomical images and medical signs that enhance the way doctors and medical staff engage with patients. The bold visual images and dry erase format make patient education easier than ever, and BodyPartChart’s durable peel-and- stick vinyl can stand up to repeated use without damaging walls. It’s time to drop the chart and turn to “learning that sticks.”

Campus Commandos

Campus Commandos is an advertising agency that helps brands market their products and services to college students on college campuses across the United States and Canada. We do this through our network of student brand ambassadors to turn college-aged consumers into lifelong customers. Clients include eBay, HP and Tommy Hilfiger.

Detroit Labs

Detroit Labs is a Detroit-based technology launch pad, specializing in the creation of iPhone, iPad, Android and Web applications. Born out of entrepreneurial spirit, and forged in the heart of Detroit, they are part of the technology boom driving the city’s rebirth. Since its launch in the Spring of 2011, the company has completed projects for several large companies, including General Motors, Quicken Loans, and Caesars Entertainment. Detroit Labs is currently working on various augmented reality technologies, providing a new level of virtual realism to mobile devices. It also recently released its first iPad game – titled Finger Treadmill – which is currently available in the App Store. Detroit Labs is located in The M@dison Block which is quickly becoming one of the hottest high-tech entrepreneurial corridors in the nation. To learn more about Detroit Labs


dPOP! designs authentic spaces that are both innovative and purposeful. We are committed to enhancing the ways in which people interact with and emotionally connect to their work environment.

Gas Station TV

Gas Station TV (GSTV), a Destination Media, Inc. company, is America’s #1 video network at the pump, delivering an industry-leading experience to more than 50 million monthly viewers nationwide. Exclusive content from ESPN, CNN’s Headline News and Buzz Today, Bloomberg TV and AccuWeather engages consumers and drives them to action on behalf of advertisers and gas retailers. For more information, please visit GSTV.com or engage with us on Twitter @GasStationTV, Facebook.com/GasStationTV or LinkedIn.com/company/Gas-Station-TV.

Go Baller

Go Baller instantly filters the best of your brand’s social media signal, giving an unprecedented level of understanding of what’s happening anywhere in your world, in real time.

Grand Circus

Grand Circus is a technology training institute located in the heart of downtown Detroit. It delivers training that produces world-class technologists. Grand Circus offers courses in web and mobile development, digital marketing, design and entrepreneurship. Grand Circus pinpoints the most acute technological skill gaps and delivers outcomes that matter. It provides an inspiring and collaborative work environment for a hand-selected group of the region’s most exciting companies and facilitates events where startups, established companies, students, investors, and like-minded individuals can meet to share passion, exchange ideas, enjoy a beverage, and perhaps exchange a business card or two.


GreenLancer provides solar panel installers instant access to the system designs and blueprints needed to build and install solar electric systems. This is achieved through a web-based platform that leverages standardization, automated workflow, and a freelance workforce of certified designers.


Instore is much more than a point of sale. For businesses, it is the perfect set of tools to run their business. Instore allows owners to run their stores minute-by-minute with a powerful, cloud-based point of sale and backend accessible on any device. Owners can isolate issues before they become problems, freeing themselves to build the perfect business.

InStore Finance

InStore Finance provides secondary loans to consumers at the point of sale, saving retail merchants from potential lost revenue. Using proprietary techniques and algorithms, InStore Finance provides store owners with a way to qualify and provide loans to a majority of candidates who do not qualify for in-store credit. InStore Finance has been servicing over 20 stores for approximately one year and claims a 90% repayment rate on these loans.


LevelEleven is a performance optimization platform, primarily used by VP’s of Sales and Marketing to motivate the behaviors that will drive your business. We help to identify the key behaviors or initiative you want your team focused on and then create real-time visibility, leaderboards and collaboration around those behaviors and initiatives. It’s like flipping on a full-blown marketing campaign within the walls of your own company.

Madison Block

The Madison Block is the heart of Detroit’s thriving tech scene, anchored by the M@dison Building. In just three years, the area has grown from one building with a handful of startups downtown to a full city block including six buildings occupied by more than 100 companies and nearly 500 tech workers. The district is recognized as one of seven cities in the Google for Entrepreneurs national Tech Hub Network.

Marxent Labs

Marxent Labs’ Mobile Augmented Reality is a pioneer in integrated retail and loyalty mobile applications development. We build leading-edge mobile and e-commerce applications for retailers and brands, specializing in image and audio recognition, content management, live events, gaming and augmented reality. VisualCommerce™ from Marxent Labs leverages mobile image recognition to make print catalogs shoppable on mobile devices.


OAREX finances web publishers by purchasing their advertising accounts receivables. This innovative way of financing offers niche publishers the ability to scale their growth and content promotion campaigns, without the risks and hassles associated with traditional financing methods.


Opsmatic is an essential tool for managing operations. Their live-state service reveals all changes over time and complements configuration management tools by showing you the complete state of your infrastructure.


Passage combines the best in online and mobile technology to help event organizers simplify and take control of their event ticket sales and payments both online and in-person. Passage: Your Event, Your Fans, your Mobile Box Office.


Queryly makes web searches faster and more beautiful. Queryly’s site search engine renders results in a beautifully paginated design, combining images and layout. It gives people a search experience that is exciting, appealing and gives them the “WOW” moments. When people enjoy their search experience, they will search and discover more. Queryly harvests business intelligence in real time to help businesses better understand customers.


RapidAdvance Bethesda, Maryland-based RapidAdvance is a leader in the small business finance industry. The company has provided nearly $600 million in working capital to thousands of small business owners across the nation, ranging from traditional retail establishments, brand name chain restaurants, automotive repair, manufacturing, trucking, and professional service providers. RapidAdvance has opened up the market for capital to small businesses through its unique web-enabled system that dramatically improves the typical process a small business experiences with big banks.

Rock Connections

Rock Connections is a premier, Detroit-based marketing company that specializes in inbound/outbound contact center services. Rock Connections offers an array of services including inbound/outbound contact solutions; appointment setting and scheduling; client follow-ups for missed appointments; prequalifying prospective clients; real-time, warm client transfers; lead generation; lead distribution and allocation; lead and efficiency consulting; providing proactive, solution oriented reporting and analytics. We are highly motivated to help increase the reputation and profitability of our clients and will be a company that sets the bar in raising overall lead conversion, efficiency and production with professionalism and with a high level of integrity.

Rock Processing

Rock Processing has partnered with International Bancard®, a local leader in the payment processing industry, to provide credit card, debit card, and automated clearing house (ACH) capabilities with superior client service and competitive pricing throughout the country.

Rocket Fiber

Rocket Fiber is a game-changing Detroit-based high speed internet provider. The company will provide internet in downtown Detroit that is up to 100 times faster than the current residential average. Construction is underway on an advanced fiber optic internet network that will serve residents, local government and businesses in the greater downtown Detroit area, followed by other areas of the city. Rocket Fiber was founded in 2014 as part of the Rock Ventures and Quicken Loans family of companies. The network originates west of downtown Detroit and the initial scope covers downtown Detroit’s Central Business District from M-10 to the west, I-75 to the north, I-375 to the east, and the Detroit River to the south.

Social Proof

Social Proof helps businesses harness the power of a friend’s recommendation. We collect authentic customer stories and turn them into powerful marketing tools. Our end-to-end word-of-mouth marketing platform is used by sales organizations, marketing departments, and creative agencies to drive sales, increase engagement, and build customer trust.

Founded in 2010 by Jay Gierak and Nathan Labenz, Social Proof is based in Detroit, MI and funded by top venture capitalists.


Socrates is a health care analytics platform that helps medical providers improve margins in the emerging healthcare environment.

Spirit Shop

Spirit Shop is the leading eCommerce platform for officially licensed, Kindergarten through High School apparel and merchandise in the US. Spirit Shop sells through over 100,000 online school stores offering hundreds of products with stock and customizable designs. Spirit Shop also powers eCommerce stores for schools, teams, national and state athletic associations as well as local and national retailers and sports media companies including CBS MaxPreps and USA Today HS Sports. Every sale on SpiritShop.com generates royalties back to each school to help fund important school programs.


SpiroSpano is a web based tool for doctors allowing them to monitor and review real-time data from their patients connected devices to help diagnose symptoms without the patient having to come to the office.


Ternpro is a cloud based platform and video services company that creates and manages video content for businesses. Ternpro’s product is Slope. Slope is a platform for marketing and creative teams to manage and collaborate on media content.

Triad Retail Media

Founded in 2004, Triad Retail Mediais a digital advertising monetization partner for e-commerce retailers including Wal-Mart, eBay, Sam’s Club, CVS, Toys “R” US and other national retailers. Triad operates at the intersection of e-commerce retailers and brand advertisers such as P&G, Ford and American Express. Triad’s advertising strategies helps top companies convert shoppers into buyers with integrated online ad campaigns.


Virteom builds websites and mobile applications with a focus on post site launch growth. They achieve this with their Rhythmic Marketing Software, a marketing platform containing a wide range of marketing tools for small businesses.


WaitTime‘s patent-pending crowd-science technology provides real-time information on fan traffic to major entertainment and sports venues. WaitTime gives stadium operations access to information on crowd movement, line length and line attrition, allowing them to proactively respond to the needs of fans where they are. This information results in increased venue efficiency, and creates the optimal fan experience. WaitTime is currently working with some of the most well known venues and major sports teams in the world to help them master crowd science, specifically as it relates to their venue and operations.


WSC Sports Technologies helps media-right owners to maximize the use of their video assets and better derive revenue from their content. The company’s automatic video generation engine is an infrastructure that enables the usage of the content for many implementations in three main verticals: fan engagement, editorial solutions and automation of production and social distribution workflow. W.S.C. is essentially an internal YouTube for licensed content.

Consumer Services


Imagine what it would be like to get online, filter through all the noise and see only what you actually care about. Withbackstitch you can easily build your own personal view of web and automatically curate content from your favorite websites around your favorite people, interests, and topics.

Visit backstitch on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer and bring your own personal web with you wherever and whenever you want.


Bedrocket Media Ventures was founded by Brian Bedol in 2011 as an early stage investor and digital media incubator. Today, Bedrocket is an operator, adviser, and shareholder of a portfolio of leading digital media properties, including:

Network A: the most successful extreme sports MCN and destination;
Flama: leading Hispanic millennial YT channel and video destination, launched in partnership with Univision;
NowThis News: the fastest growing social video news channel, launched by the original Huffington Post team, and now in partnership with Comcast/NBCU.
Skratch: Just announced partnership with PGA Tour to create the leading social video property in golf.
What’s Trending: Largest outside investor in What’s Trending, the leading destination chronicling everything trending in the world of YouTube and online video.

Over the last two years, Bedrocket has also created a proprietary, best-in-class video platform which turns YouTube channels and other online video into beautiful, multi-device, socially distributed, highly monetizable media properties. In addition to underpinning Network A, Flama, and (eventually) Skratch, our platform also powers Scout Media’s first ever dedicated video channel. Our platform allows publishers to create beautiful, video-first destinations quickly and cost effectively. Its features include the ability to upload once and distribute everywhere and the ability to seamlessly integrate an unlimited volume of third party content.


BoostUp is a first of its kind social savings platform that helps people save for a down payment on their next car or home purchase. Consumers have the ability to receive a dollar-for-dollar match on their savings from brand partners, family, and friends. Users create a free BoostUp account, set a savings goal, and then can automate deposits to reach that goal through responsible savings. Brand partners such as Quicken Loans and Hyundai offer customers a dollar-for-dollar matching incentive (“Boost”), which rewards their savings and helps them buy their next car or home faster.


ChoreMonster is a web and mobile platform that allows kids to enjoy doing their chores by gaining points that lead to incentive rewards. Kids gain points which they can redeem via the mobile app for real life rewards like an hour of Xbox or TV time, or even a canoe trip. Parents personalize what incentives are available to their children and how many points each incentive requires, and also give approval when a chore is completed before their child can redeem the respective points. Kids also get to collect interactive monsters for completing chores, making it a fun, collectible game.

Connect America

Connect America was established in 2004 and is the fastest growing personal emergency response company in the nation. Headquartered near Philadelphia, in the last eight years Connect America has built the third largest PERS business in the country. Connect America provides customers with reliable and affordable life-saving personal emergency response monitoring. For more information visit www.connectamerica.com.


Cribspot helps college students find and manage their off-campus housing by aggregating thousands of properties into one location.


Fathead is the industry leader of graphics products for large & small spaces – led by authentic, officially licensed sports & entertainment graphics. Fathead gives fans the opportunity to feel passion For Real by bringing their favorite inspiration to life. Based in Detroit, Michigan, Fathead manufactures all products in the USA and Canada for purchase worldwide. Fathead carries thousands of images and maintains over 500 license agreements with leading consumer brands across many industries and professional sports leagues. For more information, visit www.Fathead.com. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Fathead. FOR REAL.™


Foodjunky is an online food ordering platform, focused on making group ordering easier by allowing users to choose from restaurants, delivery options, cuisine type and more.


Genius is a massive online knowledge project that allows users to provide annotations and interpretation of song lyrics, news stories, primary source documents, poetry, and other forms of texts. The annotations are powered by a worldwide community as well as famous and notable figures. Some annotations are deeply informative, while others are more playful and inventive; the best annotations include a little bit of everything.


Ginkgotree offers faculty something they can’t find anywhere else: EASY discovery, organization, customization and deployment of any higher education content on the planet.

We have agreements in place to deliver 70% of all higher education textbook content. New publishers are signing on a regular basis, and any publisher materials we don’t already have active in our platform we will work with the faculty to secure. With Ginkgotree, instructors arrange textbook chapters in any order they prefer and some content providers allow them to select only those chapters they use in their course (versus the whole textbook), so students see excellent savings.

Aside from paid content, instructors are also able to include any free open educational resources (OER) in existence as well as any of their self-authored materials. This type of content can be loaded from any source; additionally the Ginkgotree platform logically and efficiently surfaces hundreds of thousands specially curated educational resources through our discovery engine.


iRule, is the award winning, Michigan-based cloud software company offering products for home entertainment and home automation. The company was founded in 2009 by two enthusiast geeks with a passion for movies, home theater, and consumer electronics.

In iRule, we built an awesome remote control system to tie all our gadgets together. It was so exciting, that our families and friends all wanted the same thing. iRule grew through word of mouth, and continues to grow! Three years later (and a few sleepless nights), we have a global network of professional integrators and users in 55 countries, who love iRule for its functionality, versatility, and great value.

We continue to capitalize on major technology trends, including the accelerated proliferation of smartphones and mobile Internet devices, the convergence of home entertainment and the Internet, and the shift in the AV industry from hardware centricity to software centricity.

Today, iRule is the control solution at companies like CNN, Lucasfilm, Industrial Light and Magic, Best Buy/Magnolia, Radio Shack, CBS Sports, SpaceX and many more.

iRule’s headquarters are located in the M@dison building in the heart of downtown Detroit.

Opportunity Detroit

Opportunity Detroit is both a mission and a brand that promotes downtown Detroit as a great place to live, work and play. The campaign launched as a partnership between several downtown Detroit businesses, the Detroit Regional Chamber and dozens of civic and philanthropic organizations in the city. Opportunity Detroit continues to evolve by telling Detroit’s story as an emerging high-tech hub, and the story of the city’s ongoing transformation from muscle economy to brain economy.


At PaymentScholar, we are focused on solving the challenges facing schools, particularly those for curricular and extra-curricular registration and payment processing. Our system provides secure, online activity registration, payment processing and financial reporting system to automate and streamline the collection of information and fees for student registration, sports, field trips, event tickets, spirit wear, and more. We address the entire registration, payment and reporting process from the initiation of an activity registration all the way through to administrative and financial reports. All data and every payment is processed, recorded, and reconciled in a manner that leaves school staff with minimal data re-entry work, reducing days or weeks of effort to a couple hours. Our integrated solution provides our clients with significant, measurable time and cost savings.

Protect America

Founded in 1992 by Thad Paschall, Protect America is one of the nation’s largest home security companies providing comprehensive home security service in all 50 states. Based in Austin, Texas, Protect America home security systems provide consumers a flexible, affordable and reliable home security solution utilizing GE’s state of the art wireless technology. Offering landline, broadband and cellular monitoring, Protect America also features options with interactive access that allow users to control their alarm systems remotely via the Internet and smart phone applications. Protect America also provides interactive security cameras, GPS vehicle tracking and a money saving, cellular takeover option that creates a more secure connection to our monitoring center. Protect America was named a Consumers Digest Best Buy for home security from 2008-2012. Also, TopConsumerReviews.com has awarded Protect America the distinction of being the number one home security company in America for the fifth consecutive year!


Quikly is a fresh innovation on the popular flash sale model seen today. By incorporating variable pricing and timely releases, Quikly has created a much more effective means of building a viral frenzy around branded products and services. Utilizing a stair-step price model (escalating pricing as more users claim), Quikly plays on the underlying concept of ‘the quicker someone acts, the bigger the deal.’ To add fuel to the fire, the platform is seamlessly social, meaning each time a user claims an offer, it’s shared over Facebook, allowing deeper brand engagement.

Robb Report

Robb Report is the international authority on the luxury lifestyle. In its digital and print forms, the brand offers affluent connoisseurs insights and detailed information designed to assist them in selecting only the most exceptional products and services in markets around the globe. Categories of coverage include automobiles, motorcycles, yachts, aircraft, art, fine dining, jewelry, watches, fashion, travel, homes, wines, spirits, cigars, and health and wellness. For more information, visit the Robb Report website at www.robbreport.com.


Rockbot provides social music for restaurants, bars and other venues by offering highly customized streaming and a social jukebox app experience for customers. Rockbot music is fully licensed for commercial use with a library of more than eight million songs. Rockbot was named Best Music Tech Company at South by Southwest 2011 and is currently expanding its services to venues across the country.


Founded by nutritionist Stacy Goldberg, Savorfull is a Detroit-based, nutrition obsessed company that provides healthy, allergen friendly foods and nutrition consulting services to businesses, organizations and sports teams across the country.

The Savorfull team assists their clients in nutritional “matchmaking” to help find the right free-from foods for their needs, while providing nutrition education and wellness services at the same time. Savorfull represents local and national food manufacturers committed to making products free-from anything artificial including colors, dyes and
sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats and anything else not wanted in your body!


Styleshack is a shop local platform that connects shoppers to neighborhood boutiques, speciality stores and unique e-tailers.

Tap in 2

Tap in 2 is a mobile platform enabling sale and in-seat delivery of food, merchandise and promotional items at sports and entertainment venues.


TeamInn is a mobile app to streamline the process of managing and booking hotel reservations for large groups like travel sports teams

The Ritz Carlton, Cleveland

(The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland,](http://www.ritzcarlton.com/) a 205-room hotel located at 1515 West Third Street in the heart of downtown Cleveland, is the recipient of many awards of distinction, including the AAA Four-Diamond Award, the Forbes Four-Star Award, and the Smart Business Magazine World Class Customer Service Award. The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland is the place to reconnect and relax. The hotel offers the best in creative, simple, seasonal and local dining in MUSE, and Lobby Lounge on 6 gives guests the perfect spot to relax after work with a famous Rocktail. For more information on The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland, please visit www.ritzcarlton.com


UpTo Life goes beyond meetings and appointments, your calendar should too. UpTo is redefining the calendar, offering an all-encompassing view of what’s coming up based on your own schedule, likes, and interests. UpTo offers businesses and organizations a modern calendar that transforms static lists of events into beautiful, social and engaging calendar experiences. Visit upto.com for more information.


Wedit is a fun and easy way to capture and share all the moments from your wedding. Wedit does that by sending you handheld HD cameras a few days before the wedding. You and your guests capture the entire wedding weekend from your point of view. After the weekend is over, return the cameras in a prepaid box and we upload the footage into an online account for you. We also have editing options that are available using our talented Wedit editors to create an unforgettable keepsake.

Education & Training

Northcentral University

Northcentral University was founded to provide accessible, high-quality online graduate degrees to working professionals. As a regionally accredited online university, NCU serves students worldwide, focusing on doctoral and master’s degree programs in the Schools of Business and Technology Management, Education, Psychology and Marriage and Family Sciences. NCU utilizes a one-to-one teaching model, one student paired with a member of NCU’s 100% doctoral faculty in each course, to create a more personalized education experience for adult students who share a passion for excellence in higher education.

Financial Services

Bedrock Real Estate Services

Bedrock Real Estate Services offers full property management and real estate services with the highest standard of service to its investors and tenants. With over 25 years of experience in developing, acquiring, financing, leasing, managing, renovating and marketing of office, retail, industrial, hotel and mixed-use properties, Bedrock is a one-stop shop for Rock Ventures and its related companies’ growing real estate investments as well as third-party owners.

College Annex

College Annex revolutionizes the way that real estate is rented and managed on college campuses around the nation.


eCollect provides the most cost-effective and efficient payment intelligence, recovery, and automation solutions.

In-House Realty

Looking for a great real estate agent to help you buy or sell a house? Since 2006, In-House Realty has matched over 80,000 homebuyers and sellers with high-quality real estate agents. Every agent within our nationwide network is experienced in his or her community and knowledgeable in their markets. On top of that, you’ll be matched with a dedicated agent coordinator who will stay in contact with everyone involved in the purchase or selling of your home – you, the real estate agent and if buying a house, your Quicken Loans mortgage banker. This is how we can ensure you’ll be 100% satisfied throughout the entire real estate experience and why we are the preferred real estate partners of Quicken Loans.


Lendulink allows parents to actively provide that they are a potential low risk borrower, and therefore, should be given a low rate loan for college.

One Reverse Mortgage

Founded in 2001 and operating in 48 states, One Reverse Mortgage LLC is the largest retail reverse mortgage lender in the country. The company’s specialized products allow homeowners, 62 years and older, the opportunity to convert some of the equity in their homes into tax-free money. In addition to this benefit, the homeowner is not required to make any monthly mortgage payments as long as they continue to live in their home. When the homeowner moves, sells the home or becomes deceased, the home is sold and the principal and interest owed on the loan is repaid from the sale proceeds. One Reverse Mortgage licensed professionals are experienced and trained to work with seniors. The company has helped thousands of people live a better retirement with the help of a reverse mortgage. One Reverse Mortgage is a Quicken Loans company, which means we have a combined 33 years of mortgage experience.

Purchasing Power

Purchasing Power is headquartered in Atlanta and is one of the fastest-growing specialty e-retailers in the market. Purchasing Power differentiates itself from traditional e-commerce retailers through its leading voluntary benefit program. Offered through employers and organizations, customers have the opportunity to purchase the latest brand-name consumer products, online education services and vacation packages through payroll deduction, when they’d prefer not to use cash or credit. Participants make manageable, fixed payments over a pre-set term, with no ballooning interest, hidden fees, or late fees – it is a revolutionary e-commerce experience combined with a completely transparent payment plan for the customer. In addition the purchase program, Purchasing Power also offers customers access to free financial wellness tools and resources that help them take control of their total financial picture. Purchasing Power is the leader in the market serving over 7.6 million customers and has processed over 1.2 million orders totaling more than $1.3 billion. Purchasing Power is the employee purchase program of choice for Fortune 500 companies and government organizations such as Time Warner, Pep Boys and the Association of Federal Government Employees. The company also touts a 95% client retention rate.

Quicken Loans

Detroit-based Quicken Loans Inc. is the nation’s second largest retail home mortgage lender. The company closed a record $80 billion of volume across all 50 states in 2013. Quicken Loans generates loan production from web centers located in Detroit, Cleveland and Scottsdale, Arizona. The company also operates a centralized loan processing facility in Detroit, as well as its San Diego-based One Reverse Mortgage unit. Quicken Loans ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction among with Primary Mortgage Origination” in the United States by J.D. Power for the past four consecutive years (2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010), and highest in customer satisfaction among all mortgage servicers in 2014.

Quicken Loans was named among the top-30 companies on FORTUNE magazine’s annual “100 Best Companies to Work For” list for the last 12 consecutive years, ranking #12 in 2015. It has been recognized as one of Computerworld magazine’s ’100 Best Places to Work in IT’ the past ten years, ranking No. 1 in 2014, 2013, 2007, 2006 and 2005. The company moved its headquarters to downtown Detroit in 2010, and now more than 9,000 of its 11,000-plus team members work in the city’s urban core. For more information about Quicken Loans, please visit QuickenLoans.com, on Twitter at @QLnews, and on Facebook at Facebook.com/QuickenLoans.

Quicken Loans Mortgage Services

Quicken Loans Mortgage Services (QLMS), is a division of Quicken Loans, the nation’s second largest retail home mortgage lender. QLMS works exclusively with community banks, credit unions and select brokers to provide mortgage products without the need for the financial institutions to hire mortgage origination staff. The bank, credit union or broker maintains its relationship with its clients, and QLMS handles all aspects of the loan process.

Title Source

Title Source Inc. is the largest independent provider of title insurance, property valuations and settlement services in the nation. The company is an authorized agent of the highest rated title insurers in the industry and its solutions power many of the nation’s largest residential lending institutions. Title Source is a preferred provider to five of the top 20 FORTUNE 100 companies and six of the ten largest residential mortgage lenders. The company is based in Detroit, Michigan and retains regional operating centers in California, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. Title Source was named a Detroit Free Press Top Workplace in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. For more information, visit www.titlesource.com. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and our blog.

Investment Companies


Bizdom is a startup accelerator that helps entrepreneurs launch, fund and grow innovative web and tech-based startups. Our startups receive seed funding, intense mentoring and access to expertise from our extensive network, a dynamic workspace, potential introductions to outside investors and more. We are a nonprofit founded by Dan Gilbert, founder and chairman of Quicken Loans, majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and general partner of Detroit Venture Partners. During the three-month accelerator, each startup has ongoing meetings with our business model advisors and industry specific mentors to strategize their model and build, test and measure their business. In addition to intense and active mentorship, we connect entrepreneurs with Bizdom-approved vendors who are the best designers, developers and marketers in their fields. Each team is given workspace, wireless access, tech support, office supplies and conference rooms, making it the perfect place to work on your business in a cool, collaborative space in the downtown urban cores of Detroit and Cleveland. Bizdom maintains a minority share of ownership in each business, using its share of the proceeds to fund future startups and their businesses, thereby creating jobs and growth for the cities of Detroit and Cleveland.

Detroit Venture Partners

Detroit Venture Partners is a Detroit-based venture capital firm on a crazed mission. We back and seed early-stage technology companies that have a purpose. Our purpose is to help rebuild the Detroit area through entrepreneurial fire. We view business building as a palette for creative expression and an opportunity to make a difference and change the world. If not, why bother? We are creative business builders, not money managers. We are entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs build and grow meaningful companies.

Rock Companies

Rock Companies is a real estate investment, development, construction and management company that focuses on commercial, residential single and multi-family investments in Florida, Michigan, North Carolina and Ohio. Rock Companies, based in Detroit, also provides consulting and project management to Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland Clinic Courts, the Cleveland Cavaliers and other affiliated companies.

Rock Ventures

Rock Ventures LLC is an umbrella entity providing operational coordination, guidance, and integration of Dan Gilbert’s investments, commercial real estate and diverse portfolio of companies, including flagship company Quicken Loans, the nation’s largest online home lender and second largest retail lender. Since moving the first wave of companies and employees to downtown Detroit in 2010, Rock Ventures has invested $1.6 billion to acquire and renovate more than 60 properties totaling 10 million square feet in the city’s urban core. Today more than 12,500 full-time Rock Ventures related companies’ team members work downtown and 120 new economy companies were created or relocated that now occupy space in one of the company’s buildings in downtown Detroit. In addition to significant philanthropic support in downtown Detroit and its neighborhoods, Rock Ventures, along with civic and other business leaders, has championed the M-1 Rail project, the Detroit Blight Removal Task Force and substantial placemaking initiatives to build on the vision of transforming Detroit into a premier 21st century metropolis.

Rockbridge Growth Equity

Rockbridge Growth Equity is a private equity firm that has dedicated capital focusing on transactions in the financial services, consumer-direct marketing, business services and sports, media and entertainment industries. Based in Detroit, Rockbridge’s current portfolio includes equity stakes in Ready Financial Group, Protect America, Northcentral University, Connect America, One Reverse Mortgage, One On One Marketing, MyInsuranceExpert.com, RapidAdvance, Gas Station TV and Purchasing Power.

Sports & Entertainment

Canton Charge

On July 7, 2011 the Cleveland Cavaliers announced they would own and operate a new NBA Development League franchise in Canton, Ohio known as the Canton Charge. The move illustrated Cavaliers ownership’s commitment to create a culture of success by putting the team in the strategic position to take an active part in the player development process. The Cavaliers are currently one of seven NBA teams to own and operate their own NBA Development League affiliate (along with Golden State, Los Angeles Lakers, New York, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia and San Antonio), with the Charge being one of 18 franchises in the NBA D-League. The Canton Charge is owned by a group led by Cavaliers Chairman and majority owner Dan Gilbert. Leading business operations for the Charge is Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Mike Levy. Overseeing basketball operations is Director of Development League Operations Mike Gansey, and the team is led by Head Coach Jordi Fernandez. The Charge play all of their home games at the Canton Memorial Civic Center in downtown Canton.

Cleveland Cavaliers

All for One. One for All.

A new era of Cleveland Cavaliers basketball has begun and the landscape for the future of the team is filled with excitement and energy at unprecedented levels. On and off the court, Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert and the ownership group have made significant investments to provide the best experience, engagement and value to the most loyal, supportive and deserving fans in all of sports. The organization’s commitment to bring an NBA Championship to the fans and the city of Cleveland has never been stronger.

The Cavaliers enter the 2014-15 season led by General Manager David Griffin, Head Coach David Blatt and a roster that features two-time NBA Champion, multiple season All-Star and NBA MVP LeBron James, current NBA All-Stars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, as well as Anderson Varejao, who is more affectionately known as the “Wild Thing” for his all-out hustle and determination. With an exciting young core and championship tested veterans Shawn Marion and Mike Miller, the Cavs have the necessary talent and experience to contend for a championship. Add in young NBA standouts Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson and Matthew Dellavedova to the mix, along with former NBA Champion free agent acquisitions Brendan Haywood and James Jones, plus promising 2014 rookie Joe Harris, the team is positioned for sustained success for many years to come.

The Cavs play their home games at Quicken Loans Arena – aka The Q – the NBA’s third-largest arena known for its electrifying and award-winning game presentation. The Cavs have raised the bar on fan experience this season with a cutting-edge 3D on-court video projection system to deliver a new level of ‘wow’ for player intros and breaks in play, as well as the “HUMUNGOTRON,” the largest center-hung screen in an NBA arena. The 5,550 square feet of multi-panel display features unique curved screens to provide optimal viewing angles from every seat. For more information about the Cavaliers, visit Cavs.com.

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Cleveland Gladiators

The Cleveland Gladiators Arena Football League (AFL) franchise was acquired by the Cleveland Cavaliers and Quicken Loans Arena organization on January 17, 2012. The Gladiators joined Dan Gilbert’s sports and entertainment family of companies based in Ohio. The AFL Gladiators offer a high-energy, action-packed product that fits very well with the Cavaliers approach to sports and entertainment. Fans can expect ownership to provide a great platform for the team’s future success on and off the field, in addition to creating the same Cavaliers-inspired spirit of fun in a super-charged football atmosphere. As the 2014 American Conference Champions and East Division Champions, the Gladiators hosted ArenaBowl XXVII at The Q, and finished third in AFL attendance, drawing 10,609 fans per game. The Gladiators began playing at The Q in the 2008 season when former majority owner Jim Ferraro relocated the team from Las Vegas to Cleveland.

Deck of Dice

Deck of Dice Created a mobile version of its patented dice game that allows for a variety of card and casino style games like rummy, poker, and craps.

Greektown Casino-Hotel

Located in downtown Detroit’s historic Greektown Entertainment District, Greektown Casino-Hotel opened in November 2000 as the state’s third commercial casino. Greektown Casino-Hotel expanded its gaming floor and developed a new 400-room, 30-story hotel tower in February 2009. The urban casino employs 1,800 team members and features 2,850 slot machines, 50 table games and a poker room, along with three restaurants, a five-outlet food court, two bars and a VIP players’ lounge. Greektown Casino-Hotel has also partnered with 14 local restaurants to offer fine dining rewards to guests.

Horseshoe Casino Baltimore

Horseshoe Casino Baltimore, which opened in August 2014, is a $440 million full-service casino located in downtown Baltimore. The urban casino was designed to maximize connectivity with existing hospitality operators, neighboring sports venues M&T Bank Stadium and Oriole Park at Camden Yards, and the city’s famed Inner Harbor. Horseshoe Baltimore employs more than 1,700 team members and features 2,500 video lottery terminals, 100 table games and a 25-table World Series of Poker-branded poker room, along with three premier restaurants, a “Baltimore Marketplace” featuring authentic Charm City food outlets, and several bars and lounges. Horseshoe Baltimore was developed by Caesars Entertainment, along with joint venture partners Rock Gaming LLC, CVPR Gaming Holdings LLC, STRON-MD Limited Partnership, and PRT TWO LLC. During construction the development created more than 2,000 construction jobs. For more information please visit www.HorseshoeBaltimore.com.

Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati

Rock Gaming LLC and Caesars Entertainment Corporation have developed a $400 million full-service casino in downtown Cincinnati. Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati, which opened in March 2013, is expected to attract an estimated six million visits to downtown annually. The urban casino includes three outward facing restaurants to engage pedestrians and to support existing businesses, cultural, nightlife and sports attractions downtown. Horseshoe Cincinnati employs 1,700 team members and features 2,000 slot machines, 87 table games and a World Series of Poker room, along with a feature bar, a casual eatery and a buffet restaurant. The casino also has partnerships with 10 local restaurants and seven downtown hotels. During construction, the development created more than 2,000 construction jobs. For more information please visit www.HorseshoeCincinnati.com.

Horseshoe Casino Cleveland

Rock Gaming LLC and Caesars Entertainment Corporation have developed Ohio’s first full-service casino inside the historic Higbee building in downtown Cleveland. Horseshoe Casino Cleveland, which opened in May 2012, is expected to attract five million visits to downtown annually, adding to the city’s impressive sports, entertainment and cultural attractions. The $350 million gaming destination employs 1,600 team members and features 1,900 slot machines, 89 table games and a World Series of Poker room, along with lounges, a buffet restaurant and a three-outlet food court. Horseshoe Cleveland also has partnerships with a dozen local restaurants and three downtown hotels. During construction, the development created nearly 2,000 construction jobs. For more information please visit Horseshoe Casino Cleveland.


Krossover is a New York City-based sports technology company that uses video and advanced statistics to help athletes, coaches, and media members learn more about the game they love, save time, and work more efficiently. Krossover began as a project to help the University of Pennsylvania’s basketball team make use of advanced statistics in order to win more games. It quickly evolved into an affordable service that allows coaches and athletes at all levels to upload their game film, have it broken down by a team of analysts, and returned in a format that can be easily searched, sorted, and shared with others. Statistics and advanced analytics are extracted from the footage, allowing teams to identify important trends in their game play. Presently, Krossover’s breakdown service continues to grow rapidly, being used by thousands of teams from high school to the pros, and the company is beginning to monetize their library of millions of video clips and data points by partnering with media outlets across the country. Also in the works is Krossover sIQ, a mobile application that will test a player’s sports intelligence by pausing game film at crucial points and asking the player to correctly predict how the play unfolds.

Lake Erie Monsters

The 2014-15 season marks the eighth year of hockey action for Cleveland’s Lake Erie Monsters at Quicken Loans Arena. Fans have come to expect fun, affordable, family entertainment from the Monsters, enjoying such promotions at The Q as Dollar Dog Fridays, Thirsty Thursdays and College ID Nights, plus other favorites like “Cleveland Rocks” Night and Pucks & Paws. Cleveland sports fans have shown their support for their hockey team, as most recently the Monsters finished third in the 30-team American Hockey League in average attendance at 8,144 in 2013-14; the highest attendance average in Monsters history. As the top affiliate of the National Hockey League’s Colorado Avalanche, fans are also able to watch the future stars of the NHL competing in Cleveland. The Monsters are part of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Quicken Loans Arena organization and also owned by a group led by Cavaliers Majority Owner and Quicken Loans Founder and Chairman Dan Gilbert. The group also owns and operates the Cleveland Gladiators of the Arena Football League playing at Quicken Loans Arena and the Canton Charge of the NBA Development League playing in nearby Canton, Ohio at the Canton Civic Center.

Quicken Loans Arena

Dan Gilbert is the operator of Quicken Loans Arena—also known as “The Q”—home to the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, American Hockey League’s Lake Erie Monsters, Arena Football League’s Cleveland Gladiators and host to the best entertainment in the region. Celebrating its 20 year anniversary as the primary destination for premier sports and entertainment in downtown Cleveland, Quicken Loans Arena has hosted more than 4,000 events for over 40 million visitors, including Cavaliers basketball, Monsters hockey, Gladiators football, world class concerts, family shows and signature sporting events. In Pollstar magazine’s 2014 Mid-Year Report of Top 100 Arena Venues Worldwide for Entertainment Ticket Sales, The Q ranks as one of the Top 20 in the country in ticket sales for top touring attractions. On July 8th, 2014, the City of Cleveland and Quicken Loans Arena were selected to host the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Rock Gaming

Rock Gaming LLC and Caesars Entertainment Corporation have developed Ohio’s first full-service casino inside the historic Higbee building in downtown Cleveland. Horseshoe Casino Cleveland, which opened in May 2012, is expected to attract five million visits to downtown annually, adding to the city’s impressive sports, entertainment and cultural attractions. The $350 million gaming destination employs 1,600 team members and features 1,900 slot machines, 89 table games and a World Series of Poker room, along with lounges, a buffet restaurant and a three-outlet food court. Horseshoe Cleveland also has partnerships with a dozen local restaurants and three downtown hotels. During construction, the development created nearly 2,000 construction jobs. For more information please visit Horseshoe Casino Cleveland.


Thistledown Racino will open in Spring 2013 as a multi-faceted entertainment destination with more than 1,000 video lottery terminals (VLTs), live and simulcast racing and year-round entertainment. Located in North Randall, Ohio, ThistleDown Racino is undergoing an $88 million renovation that will create a 57,000 square foot gaming space with a variety of dining and nightlife options including a diner, two food court outlets, a lounge for racino guests and a slush bar. Founded in 1924, ThistleDown is home to the Ohio Derby and the Best of Ohio series. ThistleDown is owned by Rock Ohio Caesars LLC (ROC), a joint venture partnership between Rock Gaming, LLC and Caesars Entertainment Corporation. To learn more, visit www.Thistledown.com.

Turfway Park

Turfway Park Established in 1959, Turfway Park is a premier Thoroughbred race track in Northern Kentucky that hosts live racing from December through March and offers simulcast wagering year-round. Turfway was the first racing establishment in North America to install the all-weather surface Polytrack on its one-mile track and features stabling for approximately 1,000 horses. The track is owned by Rock Gaming LLC and Caesars Entertainment Corporation. To learn more, visit www.Turfway.com.


Veritix provides the most dynamic paperless ticketing, event marketing and relationship management applications to artists, professional sports teams, universities, arts organizations and entertainment venues. Through the only patent-protected, fully-integrated paperless ticketing platform – Flash Seats – the company has revolutionized the sports and live entertainment industry by enabling paperless venue access while allowing artists, team owners and venue operators to regain control of their secondary market. Veritix is based in Cleveland, Ohio. The Cleveland Cavaliers were the first team in professional sports to use this new technology. Other Veritix clients include Quicken Loans Arena, the Houston Rockets, the Houston Toyota Center, the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche, the Pepsi Center, the Utah Jazz and Energy Solutions Arena, the NCAA, Dover Motor Sports, Boise State University and Texas A&M University.


Xenith LLC has developed an innovative helmet technology that reduces the risk and severity of concussions and other traumatic brain injuries. Founded in 2004 and based in Lowell, Massachusetts, Xenith works to address the issues of sports safety, activity and health through innovation and education. Xenith staff and advisors include leading veterans in sports medicine, sports management and product development committed to providing superior products, service and information.