Fathead is headquartered in Detroit and our products are American made. We are the #1 recognized brand in sports and entertainment wall graphics. We have over 650 licenses including the NFL, NBA,  NHL, MLB and NCAA, Disney, Nickelodeon, Marvel, Star Wars, John Deere, Martha Stewart and more.


Fathead Product lines available at Retail include:

  • REAL.BIG.® Fathead Wall Decals
  • Fathead Jr® Wall Decals
  • Fathead Teammate™ Logo Decals
  • Fathead Teammate™ Player Decals
  • Fathead Tradeables™ Decals
  • Fathead Big Head® Cut Outs

Fathead offers:

  • A variety of merchandising options
    • All displays are customizable
    • All displays can be pre-packed for easy set-up
  • Drop-ship
  • EDI Capabilities


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Phone: 1-800-992-4588
Email: fatheadpro@fathead.com


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